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David R. Beshears

Award-winning author and screenwriter of science fiction, fantasy and adventure.


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The movie novella series
October 06,2016
Greybeard has brought together the novellas adapted from six of my screenplays into a collection called the Movie Novella Series. These 2-hour reads follow so closely to the scripts that you feel you’re watching a movie as you read.

Check out the Movie Novella Series on greybeard.

ebook version updates
September 19,2016
As all who’ve read my work knows, the chapters in my books almost always have multiple scenes, and these scenes are separated with several blank lines.

In the print editions of my books, when one of these separations occurs at the bottom of a page, I insert separation symbols to make it clear we’re starting a new scene.

However, in the ebook editions there is no way to know where these separations will fall. Much depends on the device or font-size the reader is using. So up to now I’ve avoided using separation symbols at all in the ebook versions of my titles.

Unfortunately this means that in some instances some readers can find themselves moving from one scene to another without realizing it. Um… so I’ve been informed.

And so… I am updating the ebook editions of every one of my titles. All scene separations will now have a separation symbol in the blank line. All updates should be online within the several weeks.

KHDZ now on Kindle Unlimited
September 01, 2016
For all you Kindle Unlimited people, KHDZ is now available on KU. A totally unique dark satire / fantasy, KHDZ is in print, large print, ebook and audiobook. This two hour novella was adapted from my screenplay.

Reading Deals Reviews
August 27,2016
We placed four of my books onto the Reading Deals Reviews website. Reading Deals provides free downloads of select titles in exchange for an honest review.

If this is something you might be interested in, I created a page on greybeard publishing with links to the titles on Reading Deals. If you download a book from them and think it’s worth four or five stars, a positive review would be appreciated! Thanks!

If this works out, we may place additional titles with Reading Deals...

SIS Serial Screenplays Update
August 07,2016
A quick status update on the Sisters in Space project...

I finished the first draft of the screenplay adaptation of the SIS short story series. The seven episodes each translated to 20-25 minutes of script.

As I work the second draft, I will also be working to bring the length of the episodes down to 15-20 minutes, as had been my intent when first developing the series. This will be important, as I will be adapting the scripts to a seven episode webseries, a seven episode radioplay series, and a full length feature. All work better with the slightly shorter script length.

Developing Short Scripts
August 01,2016
Last month I completed the short script adaptation of Reunions, one of my short stories. The script is thirteen pages long, so fits very well into the steadily growing short script niche I’m seeing out there.

I’ve yet to market it extensively, but I did get it placed on one short script listing of a popular screenplay site. It caught the attention of several producers, and I received some very favorable feedback from two who actually requested and read the script.

Two elements of the script prevented these producers from picking up Reunions. One, the script has six locations. Two, there are several scenes requiring minor sfx. Producers pulling scripts from this particular website are looking for 1-3 locations and they steer clear of sfx.

Considering the otherwise positive feedback, Reunions may do well in other short script markets, but probably not there.

So I brought back a story concept I outlined a number of years ago but never pursued, and have started developing it. It has one location, five characters, and no special effects. It should run 13-15 minutes.

I’m developing this script as I am also working several other projects, but I should nonetheless have it finished and polished in a few weeks. I’ll keep you updated.