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Planet of Stones Upcoming Release
February 19,2017
I’ve been working on a new screenplay these last few months, a science fiction feature called “Planet of Stones”. I’m putting the final polish on the script now and hope to have it available to the entertainment industry in early March.

As I finalize the screenplay, I have begun developing the novella adaptation. Once completed, it will be available in ebook, print and large print formats. I hope to publish in late March. Watch for the release on greybeard publishing. It will be available there and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And I’ll begin accepting auditions for the audiobook narration sometime in April, will be posting the audition call on the ACX website.

I’m very excited about this project. The story is unique and I had a lot of fun writing it. Go to the Planet of Stones book page on greybeard for info about the title and the latest new on release.

Family-Friendly Screenplay Competition
February 10,2017
So I came across the “Screencraft Family-Friendly Screenplay” competition a few months ago and at the last minute decided to enter “The Christmas Cave” screenplay. The contest has very specific “four-quadrant” requirements for a family-friendly project (life-affirming stories of faith, courage, hope and love), and while I’m not sure how well it addresses those requirements from the judges’ perspective, it’s certainly my idea of family-friendly. So I gave it a shot…

I just got word that it’s a Quarter Finalist. Cool... on to the finals.

Author Page website changes
January 27,2017
I’ve already gotten a few emails asking what happened to the panels in this site with the signed editions, audiobooks and the black tower sets, and I only made the change last night.

It’s all still available, just head over to the greybeard publishing website. There have actually always been many, many more offerings available on greybeard than has ever been available here, and I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to keep all the duplication going here on my author page.

Clicking on a book image here will take you directly to the greybeard book page for that title, with links for print, ebook and audiobook editions through amazon, barnes and noble, audible.com and more.

If you’re looking for signed editions, large print editions, bundled sets or any number of specials directly through greybeard, it’s all on the greybeard main page.

And... thanks for noticing!

Facebook Users
January 19,2017
I just want to take a moment to give a heads up to all who are on Facebook.

I have both a personal Facebook page and a “Facebook Author Page”. I would encourage those of you who are friends on my personal page to also friend/fan my Facebook Author Page, as that is where all my writing stuff goes. Not all of what I post on my author page about my books and screenwriting ends up on my personal page.

See you there!

2016 in review
January 07,2017
I hit a lot of milestones on a number of projects this past year. I published several titles, completed a few screenplays, completed first draft on others, and I set the foundations for a number of literary and screenwriting projects that are in the queue for 2017.

I’ve put together a document detailing some of these accomplishments, as well my plans for the coming year. If you’d like to take a look at it, it's in pdf format at 2016 in Review.

At Variance movie novella series
December 18,2016
Looking to get the movie novella series in one collection? I've brought five of the two-hour movie novellas together in At Variance, the omnibus volume available in print and ebook formats.

Click the At Variance image here on my author page to go directly to Amazon, or go to the At Variance book page on greybeard for more info and all the links.

Last Christmas bazaar this season
December 11,2016
A really big thank you to all those who braved the icy roads and made it to the Komachin Holiday Bazaar this year. College Avenue and the school parking lot were downright dangerous most of the morning and I really appreciate those who made it in. It was great visiting with everyone. This is our last bazaar this season, see you all next year.

New website lists book reviews
December 04,2016
I finished development on a new website that lists all my books with descriptions and includes review quotes from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible and other review blogs. Check it out at book titles and reviews